Cryptoinvestfx About Us

About Us

Cryptoinvestfx™ is a brand name owned and operated by Fintech Software, Inc., which is managed and owned by an experienced team of professionals, specializing in Forex trading, financial options, online marketing, commodities, stocks, derivatives, software research and development.

Cryptoinvestfx™ is one of the leading on-line trading platforms in the world. It was founded by a team of pioneers in internet technology and financial professionals.

The principle at Cryptoinvestfx™ is a strong dedication to provide traders with the most reliable prices and effective software to create for its clients a lucrative and comfortable trading environment.

Cryptoinvestfx™ strives for excellence in every facet of its operations. This drive for excellence makes Cryptoinvestfx™ such an innovative binary options trading platform.

Cryptoinvestfx™ constantly provides a high quality trading experience, offering its clients a custom-built and simple to use trading platform that easily accommodates every trader’s needs.

There are many assets to select from:

currencies , shares , indexes , commodities , and more.

The top-quality platform ,

combined with the myriad of available assets make Cryptoinvestfx™

an upper-tier binary options trading platform for conducting trading.

Financial Reward:

Up to 85% possible return in a few minutes with all risks and rewards qualified before investment.

Fairness ‘All our options are open’

Cryptoinvestfx™ is the only trading platform allowing customers to choose both or either side of a single purchase price across all instruments. This ensures the guaranteed fairness of pricing regardless of the way the market moves with no spread or commission on purchases.


Only Cryptoinvestfx™ is allowing customers the freedom to close out trades before the scheduled expiry whether the trade is or is not currently profitable.

Entertainment with Trading

Cryptoinvestfx™ believes that a trading experience needs to be enjoyable. Maximum user experience is ensured with a range of features in the state of the art GUI designed by Cryptoinvestfx™.

Cryptoinvestfx™ regards customer satisfaction as the top priority.

The Cryptoinvestfx™ staff includes leaders in financial industries

prepared to offer you direct personal service ,

and the highly professional customer support team is

always happy to provide any assistance needed .

Cryptoinvestfx About Us